Television Series
Patrick Duffy Dallas
Title: Dallas (TNT)
Year: 2012 - 2015
Character: Bobby James Ewing
Synopsis: The next generation of the Ewing family - cousins John Ross Ewing and Christopher Ewing - clash over the family's oil business and vast fortune.
Patrick Duffy Step by Step
Title: Step by Step
Year: 1991 - 1998
Character: Frank Lambert
Synopsis: Frank Lambert is a construction worker and a single father of 3 kids: J.T., Alicia "Al", and Brendan. Carol Foster, a beautician, also has 3 children: Dana, Karen, and Mark. After Frank and Carol run into each other on vacation and spontaneously get married, they and their children (who appeared to have known and hated each other) have to learn to live together and love each other. It's not easy, but they are trying to do this step by step.
Patrick Duffy Dallas
Title: Dallas (CBS)
Year: 1978 - 1991
Character: Bobby James Ewing
Synopsis: The soapy, backstabbing machinations of Dallas oil magnate J.R. Ewing and his family.
Patrick Duffy Man from Atlantis
Title: Man from Atlantis
Year: 1977 - 1978
Character: Mark Harris
Synopsis: The adventures of a man with amphibious abilities.
Television Movies
Patrick Duffy Healing Hands
Title: Healing Hands
Year: 2010
Character: Uncle Norman
Synopsis: A near death experience gives a young man, engaged to be married, the ability to heal people.
Patrick Duffy Love Takes Wing
Title: Love Takes Wing
Year: 2009
Character: May Evans
Synopsis: This is a Christian film from Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly series. Belinda Simpson is recovering from the loss of her husband. She arrives in a small Missouri town to become the local doctor. The town doesn't immediately take to a female doctor. She's also faced with the challenge of an infection in the town, that everyone believes came from the local orphanage. With the help of her friend, Annie, and a young blacksmith, Lee Owens, Belinda seeks a cure.
Patrick Duffy Falling in Love with the Girl Next Door
Title: Falling in Love With the Girl Next Door
Year: 2006
Character: James Connelly
Synopsis: Mark Lucas and Theresa Connolly fall in love but their overbearing mothers ruin their wedding plans and possibly their future together.
Patrick Duffy Desolation Canyon
Title: Desolation Canyon
Character: Sheriff Tomas 'Swede' Lundstrom
Synopsis: Following a bank robbery, the responsible gang stops by the home of one of their members and kidnaps his son. The sheriff enlists the aid of a retired gunfighter, who is the boy's grandfather. On the gang's trail, they find there are two bounty hunters also after the gang for crimes in Mexico. Contains gun play.
Patrick Duffy Don't Look Behind You
Title: Don't Look Behind You
Year: 1999
Character: Jeff Corrigan
Synopsis: Thriller about a family thrust into the Federal Witness Relocation program that fails, in deadly ways, to protect them.
Patrick Duffy Dallas
Title: Dallas: War of the Ewings
Year: 1988

Character: Bobby James Ewing

Synopsis: It has been two years since Bobby and Sue Ellen Ewing took over control of Ewing Oil. Although J.R. is successfully managing a large oil conglomerate, he wants to once again own his father's company. When he discovers that Ray Krebbs' land, which is heavily mortgaged, has undiscovered oil on it, he knows that if he plays his cards right, he can purchase the land and have enough money to regain control of Ewing Oil. But his business rival Carter McKay also has his eyes on Ray's property, and may soon join Bobby and Sue Ellen as an executive at Ewing Oil. Both parties hatch schemes in order to get what they want.
Heart of Fire Patrick Duffy
Title: Heart of Fire
Year: 1997
Character: Max Tucker
Synopsis: Patrick Duffy stars as Max Tucker, a reckless firefighter witha blatant disregard for the rules, regulations and authority. In the tradition of Backdraft, this blazing suspense drama focuses on the life of Tucker, a divorced fireman who due to rejections from his family begins taking undue personal risks in the line of duty. Whilst fighting a petrol tanker blaze, Tucker discovers a young girl trapped under its wheels and crawls under the burning vehicle to comfort her until she can be rescued. Bas on the true story of a man who learns the value of family life by constantly risking his own to save the lives of strangers.
Patrick Duffy Dallas
Title: Dallas: J.R. Returns
Year: 1996
Character: Bobby James Ewing
Synopsis: Years after J.R. Ewing lost Ewing Oil and apparently committed suicide, we learn that he is alive and well. He returns to Dallas, and plots what could be his greatest scheme: Bringing his family back together, and regaining control of Ewing Oil from arch-enemy Cliff Barnes. Will he be successful?
Patrick Duffy Texas
Title: Texas
Year: 1994
Character: Stephen Austin
Synopsis: In the beginning of the 19th Century many Anglosaxons are settling in the Mexican province of Texas. As the years go by, political conflicts between the settlers and the Mexican government are escalating which would lead to war and Texan independence.
Patrick Duffy Daddy
Title: Daddy
Year: 1991
Character: Oliver Watson
Synopsis: After twenty years of marriage, a man starts over with his children after his wife leaves him in order to "find herself."
Patrick Duffy Children of the Bride
Title: Children of the Bride
Year: 1990
Character: John
In this film a middle-aged woman tries to get married to her younger fiance but is hindered by her four grown children who come bearing grudges. Powerful and hilarious featuring Rue McClanahan.
Patrick Duffy
Title: Murder C.O.D.
Year: 1990
Character: Steve Murtaugh
Synopsis: Someone is killing people in Portland, Oregon, and later blackmails the relatives, who profit most from the death, to pay him for this "service". Captain Murtaugh leads the police investigation. When his wife starts feeling stalked, he suspects his current case is related to his last one in Chicago. He never told his wife the whole truth about what happened - now he has to fear for her life.
Patrick Duffy Too Good To Be True
Title: Too Good To Be True
Year: 1988
Character: Richard Harland
Synopsis: A possessive wife goes to extremes to be the only one in her husband's life!
Patrick Duffy Unholy Matrimony
Title: Unholy Matrimony
Year: 1988
Character: John Dillman
Synopsis: In this detective drama, a private investigator from Phoenix is determined to prove that a young woman's death was caused by a psychologist and a mail-order minister.
Patrick Duffy 14 Going on 30
Title: 14 Going on 30
Year: 1988
Synopsis: Danny is hopelessly in love with his teacher Peggy Noble. Of course she doesn't even notice him while she plans to marry the obnoxious coach Roy "Jack-jaw" Kelton. When Danny's friend Lloyd invents a growth accelerator for fruit and vegetables to "solve world hunger", Danny uses it on himself and as an adult tries to show her Roy's real personality. However at his first appearance at school as an adult, he's mistaken for someone else ...
Patrick Duffy Strong Medicine
Title: Strong Medicine
Year: 1986
Character: Dr. Andrew Jordan
Synopsis: This two-part, four-hour TV miniseries was adapted from the same-named 1984 novel by Arthur Hailey. Pamela Sue Martin headed the huge cast as Celia Gray, a young woman who rose from humble drug store clerk to become the head of a major pharmaceutical manufacturing firm during the 1950s and 1960s. Along the way Celia met with formidable opposition from the all-male medical establishment, and consequently, her private life was often a mess. Also on hand were two other TV stalwarts, Patrick Duffy as Dr. Andrew Jordan and Dick Van Dyke as Sam Hawthorne.
Patrick Duffy Alice in Wonderland
Title: Alice in Wonderland
Year: 1985
Character: Goat
Synopsis: Alice is in Looking Glass land, where she meets many Looking Glass creatures and attempts to avoid the Jabberwocky, a monster that appears due to her being afraid.
Patrick Duffy From Here to Maternity
Title: From Here to Maternity
Year: 1985
Character: Henderson
Synopsis: From Here to Maternity is an hour-long satire on 1980s self-involvement. The three ladies who are "with child" in the story have mixed feeling about their pregnant state. Part of the problem lies in their husbands and/or boyfriends, who aren't prepared for the responsibilities of fatherhood.
Patrick Duffy Cry for the Strangers
Title: Cry for the Strangers
Year: 1982
Character: Dr. Brad Russell
Synopsis: The little coastal town of Clark's Harbor seems like the perfect place for psychiatrist Brad Russell and his wife to get a little peace and spend more time with each other. But the locals don't seem very friendly and, every time a storm rolls in, another mysterious death occurs... Could an ancient Indian legend of ghostly tribes and human sacrifice have anything to do with it?
Patrick Duffy Enola Gay
Title: Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb
Year: 1980
Character: Colonel Paul Tibbets
Synopsis: Well-intentioned history lesson; the decision to drop the atom bomb, the secrecy surrounding the mission, and the men who flew it.
Patrick Duffy The Last of Mrs. Lincoln
Title: The Last of Mrs. Lincoln
Year: 1976
Character: Lewis Baker
Synopsis: Julie Harris stars as Mary Todd Lincoln in this look at the twilight of the former First Lady's life. After her husband's assassination, she finds herself heavily in debt and denied a pension due to her Southern ancestry, and spends the remainder of her life deeply depressed, dying, impoverished and insane.
Patrick Duffy Hurricane
Title: Hurricane
Year: 1974
Character: Jim
Synopsis: Two hurricane hunters track a huge, violent hurricane that is bearing down on a Gulf Coast town.
Patrick Duffy The Stranger Who Looks Like Me
Title: The Stranger Who Looks Like Me
Year: 1974
Character: Adoptee #3
Synopsis: A young girl who is looking for the birth parents who gave her up hooks up with a young man who has also been adopted and is looking for his real parents.
Feature Films
Patrick Duffy Trafficked
Title: Trafficked
Year: 2016
Character: Christian
Synopsis: In this story inspired by real characters, three girls from America, Nigeria and India are trafficked through an elaborate global network and enslaved in a Texas brothel, and must together attempt a daring escape to reclaim their freedom.
Patrick Duffy You Again
Title: You Again
Year: 2010
Character: Ritchie Phillips
Synopsis: When a young woman realizes her brother is about to marry the girl who bullied her in high school, she sets out to expose the fiancée's true colors.
Patrick Duffy He's Such A Girl
Title: He's Such A Girl
Year: 2008
Character: Whitney's Father
Synopsis: A dude with some socially feminine traits hopes to solidify his 4-year relationship with a bi-sexual chick who has more lesbian leanings than not.
Patrick Duffy Vamping
Title: Vamping
Year: 1984
Character: Harry Baranski
Synopsis: A down on his luck saxophonist agrees to help rob the home of a rich widow, then he unexpectedly falls for the woman.

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